The anti-slip paint gives a braking effect to surfaces.

Anti-slip paint

Cromas produces an extraordinary anti-slip paint, useful to give surfaces a strong braking and anti-slip effect. The application of this paint is particularly useful on components, such as, for example, handles of umbrellas or inclined surfaces where it is possible to put objects without these slipping with ease.

The special feature of the anti-slip paint lies in its composition: the formula is based on the use of polyurethane resins (known to be good solvents) and hardeners composed by aliphatic isocyanates. This particular formulation gives the paint its braking properties and provides excellent resistance to yellowing.
Characteristics and use of anti-slip paint
Although the composition of the anti-slip paint is characterized by a certain degree of roughness, the coat of paint seems to be perfectly smooth both to the view and to the touch. This is due to the special resins that are used, capable of conferring the braking effect.

The appearance of the anti-slip paint is transparent, if it is applied on a colored background therefore the appearance of the surface won't be altered. It is possible to clean the painted surfaces with a damp sponge moistened with water and mild soap, if necessary.

To obtain the best braking effect it is recommended to use the glossy finish of the product. However, the anti-slip paint is also available in the opaque version, although it is possible to purchase a minimum quantity. In order to know which version of the product best suits your needs please contact Cromas, available to provide clarification on the use of the paint.

Please take into account that the anti-slip paint is not suitable for permanent foot traffic.

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