The antique brass effect paint gives a realistic brass aspect to any surface.

Antique brass effect paint

As a result of careful and accurate studies, Cromas managed to develop an antique brass effect paint so realistic to transform the appearance of the surfaces on which it is applied. Thanks to this paint, the products made by professionals of the industrial and craft sector take on the typical features of aged brass, including the opacity and the tactile sensation that you feel when you touch it with your hands.

The antique brass effect paint reproduces faithfully the color of this metal, including the characteristic oxidized effect typical of time's corrosive action. The paint, however, don't affect the integrity of the material, which retains its strength despite the aged appearance of the surface.
Characteristics and use of the antique brass effect paint
The antique brass effect paint has a particular composition. Inside it, there are in fact microparticles of brass that have undergone a chemical process known as surface passivation.

Once the paint is applied, these microparticles oxidize directly on the surface of the material giving rise to the desired effect. The unusual aspect of the brass is due to the fact that it isn't a pure metal, but an alloy made of copper and zinc able to give a color similar to gold (even if, of course, less precious and refined).

Depending on the surface to be painted, it is recommended to apply the antique brass effect paint by a spraygun, where it isn't possible to apply it with a brush or a roller. It is possible to change the homogeneity of the aspect by adjusting the amount of oxidant to be used and alternating the methods of application.

The use of this paint is suitable for artifacts and materials for both indoor and outdoor use. Professionals, according to the use, have to choose the more suitable protective transparent by contacting our technical staff.

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