The antique bronze effect paint gives surfaces an oxidized appearance very similar to the aged bronze.

Antique bronze effect paint

Professionals who work in the industrial or artisan sector may rely on Cromas' experience to give to their artifacts an aspect quite similar to the aged bronze. The company, based in Milan, in fact, produces an antique bronze effect paint able to give every surface the oxidized aspect typical of this material.

Cromas has developed a formula so accurate to be credible both to the eye and to the touch; the opacity and the roughness of the painted layer, in fact, are the fundamental characteristics that contribute to the realism of the effect. The surfaces painted with this paint take on the appearance of the bronze subjected to the action of weathering, and therefore oxidized over time.
Characteristics and use of the antique bronze effect paint
The composition of the antique bronze effect paint is made of irregular and miniaturized bronze and iron particles; the incredibly realistic effect of the paint is due to the fact that these particles have undergone a process of surface passivation, which allows the oxidation directly on the painted surface.

The aged bronze effect is perfect also thanks to the reproduction of green spots and rust colored of different shapes, sizes and shades. It is possible to give a different appearance to the various spots simply by adjusting the amount of oxidant applied on the surface. The application of the antique bronze effect paint can also be done by using a roller or a brush, depending on the type of surface; however, for a complete realistic aspect is recommended the application with an airbrush.
As regards the vertical surfaces, the professionals have the chance to obtain a flawless result with the application of a reagent: in this way the drops will create smears able to simulate the corrosive typical effect of the oxidation. It is important to emphasize, however, that the formula was specially designed for a realistic result although not significantly affecting the strength and solidity of the product.

The antique bronze effect paint is recommended for both indoor and outdoor use. Depending on this, it will be necessary to choose the most suitable protective transparent.

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