The antique copper effect paint gives the appearance of aged copper to any surface.

Antique copper effect paint

The antique copper effect paint formulated by Cromas represents the ideal product to give an appearance similar to the aged copper to wood, plastic, metal, glass surfaces and products, etc. The composition of this paint is characterized by a quality so high to make it perfect for industrial and handmade use.

The painted materials are almost unrecognizable, due to the extraordinarily realistic effect that this paint is able to confer. The treated surface, in fact, has the characteristic shades of the oxidized material due to the corrosive action of the weather over time.
Characteristics and application of the antique copper effect paint
The composition of the antique copper effect paint has been designed in order to faithfully reproduce the opacity and the typical nuances of the material. This is due to the presence of copper and iron microparticles that have undergone a chemical process known as surface passivation.

The oxidation takes place directly at the moment in which the paint is applied on the surface, giving rise to a result that reproduces faithfully the matte appearance of aged copper. The integrity of the artifact painted is preserved, since the technology developed by Cromas is such that it doesn't affect the surface of the artifact.

Depending on the type of surface to be treated, professionals may choose to apply the antique copper effect paint by a spraygun (with more reproducible results) or if necessary by a roller or a brush.

Those who want to achieve a surprising aged copper effect can, in addition, apply a few drops of reagent making them slide vertically along the surface, recreating the typical burrs that may be observed on the artifacts oxidized over time.

The antique copper effect paint is suitable for outdoor or indoor use. The professional can choose the more suitable protective transparent depending on its use.

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