The brushed metal effect paint gives surfaces a metallic and scratched appearance.

Brushed metal effect paint

The brushed metal effect paint made by Cromas is an extraordinary product that gives a realistic metallic appearance to every type of surface. The special formulation of this paint, in fact, transforms any material (including glass, plastic and wood) thanks to a coating that perfectly simulates the appearance of the scratched and anodized metal, with a color slightly browned.

brushed metal effect paint givint to the surfaces a metallic and scratched appearance.

Due to its extraordinary results and to the versatility of its application, this paint is currently highly requested by architects and designers. It is possible to use this particular paint on various supports, both indoors and outdoor.


Tips for the application of the brushed metal effect paint
The brushed metal effect paint is characterized by its ease of application. The painting cycle, in fact, is suitable for the decoration of professional surfaces of any size -from the largest to the smallest- and of any complexity. It is guaranteed a good result on tubular surfaces.

The painted material looks extremely realistic and fascinating, both to the eye and the touch. The surface doesn't seem even painted.

To get an idea, think about a metal sheet subjected to a galvanic treatment and then scratched. That is the effect obtained, with the advantage that the customer won't pay the high cost of the metal galvanization. In addition, unlike the galvanizing process, the application of the brushed metal effect paint avoids the use of substances harmful to the environment.

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