The cement effect paint gives furniture and walls a cement aspect, similar to the stone.

Cement effect paint

Within its laboratories, Cromas has developed a special cement effect paint suitable for painting objects, furniture and walls. It is the perfect product for those professionals and craftsmen who want to give surfaces a realistic stone-like aspect, without the need for interventions or alteration of the materials' structure.

The appearance of the cement effect paint, in fact, is surprisingly realistic both to the eye and to the touch. The composition of this paint is such as to faithfully reproduce the opacity and the typical texture of the material, making it perfect for mass-produced objects. The paint is so realistic thanks to the presence of irregular microparticles and its application is also suitable for edges and corners' finishing.
Characteristics and application of the cement effect paint
The materials painted with the cement effect paint made by Cromas take on an aspect that can meet the more demanding eye. Whether it is chosen a light or a dark color, this product allows to have surfaces perfectly opaque and anti-reflection, just as if it was real cement.

The application of the paint is simple and can be done using a spraygun or a spatula, depending on the finish and the desired result. In any case, the application of the product requires no experience or special knowledge, although it is possible to achieve excellent results in a very short time and without the need of additional equipment.

The product can be applied in two ways:

- with a spraygun on small surfaces or for a homogeneous result, or with a steel spatula on flat and large surfaces. The product is water-based and suitable also for painting walls.

With this versatile product is also possible to obtain a realistic stone and slate effect, with a flawless result.

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