The chrome effect paint gives surfaces a realistic chrome-silver aspect.

Chrome effect paint

The chrome effect paint developed by Cromas is able to give surfaces the typical chromium-silver coloration. The highly metal aspect of this paint adds a realistic effect to the product. Its special formula, in fact, gives main importance to the visual appearance and tactile sensation. This type of paint is the perfect solution to achieve the desired effect. There are other methods used to chrome or to give surfaces a silver aspect, but in most cases, these methods require the use of very expensive equipments.

The chrome effect paint currently enjoys particular success, especially within the automotive sector. The product, in fact, is recommended for the decoration of bodyworks, rims, and helmets for motorcycles, but it is not uncommon its use for the painting of electronic instruments, handles of furniture, lamps and so on. The interesting aspect of this paint consists in the possibility of obtaining a realistic mirror effect when it is applied on glass or plexiglass surfaces.
Application of the chrome effect paint and tips for its use
The chrome effect paint is solvent-based and its application may only be made by spraygun. Thanks to the use of colored stabilized transparents is possible to give the surface a different color rather than the classic silver. The metallic effect is available with the following colors: copper, nickel, bronze, black chrome, gold. It is recommended the use of appropriate primers and transparents to industries and artisans in order to give the right resistance to the paint.

After painting, the product needs to be dried in the oven or at room temperature. This stage is particularly important to obtain a satisfactory chrome effect on wood or MDF surfaces.
Difference with other methods of chrome plating
Unlike more demanding methods - for example chrome plating, vacuum metallization and application with silver nitrate salts - the chrome effect paint can be used on any surface, with a lower price and apart from the size of the surface.

It doesn't even require the use of special equipment. It is for this reason that the use of the chrome effect paint is highly recommended for professional use and for its high quality result.
The chrome effect paint gives surfaces a realistic chrome-silver aspect.

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