Contacts Cromas' special paints
Administrative and operating headquarters:
LAINATE, Via Milano 21 - ITALY
Postal Code: 22020

Telephone: 0331 877427
Fax: 0331 876829
Where can I buy your special paints?
The products are purchased directly by the company or by agents/distributors located in your area. To enter in contact with our staff, please send a request by filling out the appropriate form.

I am a company, can I receive the visit of a technician or a commercial agent?
Cromas has a network of agents and distributors able to cover most of the national territory. If possible, we will be happy to arrange a meeting with one of our agents that will clearly illustrate the range and the characteristics of our special paints.

I am a private person, can I make a purchase?
Yes, but only if the application of the paints will be made by a qualified professional and in an appropriate place. In addition, private people can only buy the products that comply with the regulations concerning Volatile Organic Compounds.

Can I buy your product online?
Even if Cromas doesn't have an online shop, you can send payment for the products through Paypal and then receive the paints by correspondence.

Can I come to your office and buy directly your products?
Cromas isn't a shop, but a company that produces paints. It is therefore possible to view the available products only by appointment. The withdrawal of the products can be made at our office, but only if they have been previously ordered on internet or by telephone.

Can I have a color sample card?
The color sample card is available only for architects, designers, companies, retailers and professionals.

Are the colors customizable?
Some products are suitable for colors' customization, others cannot be modified because of their chemical properties. For these requests please contact our technical staff.

In addition to the production and sale of paints, does Cromas offer the painting service?
No, for the painting service, you have to contact lacquerers or professional painters.

I have to do a small work; what are the minimum quantities to buy in order to place an order?
Cromas believes that every work, small or big is important. For this reason, many products are available in small packages, for example, 1kg. In addition, for every type of paint is available the "test kit", suitable to paint surfaces of 1-2 square meters.

Is it possible to send the paints overseas?
Of course, but the customer must also take into account the costs of shipping, that increase in the event of flammable materials (especially in case of air transport). It should also be considered that there are some limitations to the maximum quantity of products that can be sent.

What are the delivery times of the products?
Cromas undertakes to deliver their special paints in a short period of time, estimated at the time of the order. The company is not responsible for delays due to the responsibility of the couriers.

If you have any other question feel free to ask us, by the form or at

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