The COR-TEN effect paint gives the surfaces a COR-TEN steel aspect.

COR-TEN effect paint

The COR-TEN effect paint is a product developed by Cromas, able to give painted surfaces a quite similar aspect to that of the COR-TEN steel. This type of steel appears to be very similar to rust. In both cases, in fact, occurs a chemical oxidation process; in spite of this they are two different materials.
The COR-TEN effect paint is suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. The product is available with smooth or rough finish; the latter is indicated for those who want to obtain a result that simulates even better the appearance of the COR-TEN steel.
Tips for the application of the COR-TEN effect paint
The COR-TEN effect paint has the great advantage of being very easy to apply. To obtain a good result it is recommended the use of a spraygun; during the application it is not necessary to be extremely precise, because it is really an imperfect coat that makes the aspect of the COR-TEN steel more convincing. This makes this product suitable also for the painting of surfaces more complex.

Even if the COR-TEN effect paint was not designed to be applied on the bodywork of a car, experts who want to use it for this purpose can make it stable using a special blocking paint made by Cromas. It is the best system to protect the paint from scratches and petrol.

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