The crackle paint gives the surfaces a realistic crackled look

Crackle paint

The crackle paint is a very particular product, made in order to give the surfaces an antique and crackled look. This paint is suitable for use in the field of furniture, often by combining crackle paints of different color. The product allows to give greater thickness to surfaces otherwise anonymous and flat.

The crackle paint made by Cromas meets the highest professional standards and differs from decoupage products as it allows to control the size of the cracks. The attention to every detail is such to fully satisfy both the eye and the touch and able to transmit the needed realism.
Application of the crackle paint
This solvent-based paint is able to give the surfaces an antique look, thanks to the superimposition of two layers of paint with contrasting colors. Think about, for example, a red or black base, topped by a white or cream crack. After the application of the colors it is necessary to apply an opaque transparent (recommended 50 Gloss). There are a lot of possible combinations of colors; customers can choose among a wide range of RAL colors: for more information you can contact the Cromas' staff.

The application of the crackle paint is simple but must be done carefully. Thanks to a specific formula, made by Cromas, it is possible to check the size of the cracks. Once applied the paint, the painted object must dry (in the oven or at room temperature).

The typical suggestive effect of the crackle paint allows to make small and large cracks, depending on the taste of those who apply it. The paint can be used to decorate the surfaces of different materials: wood, metal, plastic, or glass.

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