The elastic paint can be applied on flexible materials that require twisting without cracks in the paint.

Elastic paint

Cromas makes use of the highest quality resins for the preparation of a product that differs significantly from the others in its assortment: the elastic paint. This is a particular type of paint to be applied on the surfaces of plastic and flexible material, since its chemical properties provide a resistance to twisting that prevents the occurrence of cracks.

In addition to the undeniable technical value, the elastic paint stands out for the neat appearance that gives to materials and for the high wear resistance to the passage of time or to the weather. The formulation of the paint, includes the use of polyurethane resins with high solvency and hardening agents made of pure aliphatic isocyanates, that give the painting a good resistance to yellowing.
Characteristics and use of elastic paint
Professionals who need an ideal paint for the decoration of their own artifacts may rely on the elastic paint developed by Cromas. The surfaces of the materials, in fact, can be bent as many times as you like without creating unpleasant cracks.

The product is generally proposed in the glossy finish version. For industrial quantities it is possible to request an opaque finish. For more information on their availability it is recommended to contact the technical staff.

For indoor use are available two different variants of paints, depending on the required effect: soft touch paint, ideal for a rubberized aspect, and anti-slip paint, to obtain surfaces with a braking and anti-slip effect.

The elastic paint finds wide application on plastic materials or those materials that suffer from constant stress: elastic PVC, leather or imitation leather products, bags and fashion articles in plastic material, etc.

Note that you can't apply the elastic paint on silicon products, even if the surfaces are washed with special anti-silicon detergents.

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