Graphite-based electroconductive paint, designed to meet the needs of companies and craftsmen.

Electroconductive Paint

The electroconductive paint made by Cromas is an extraordinary product capable of conducting electricity. The special formulation of this paint meets the needs of companies, architects and craftsmen who use one or more layers of paint to create shieldings for electromagnetic fields or to conduct electrostatic charges from insulating surfaces such as wood and plastic.

The electroconductive paint is graphite-based; the grinding of the material takes place at room temperature, in order to prevent that the microparticles take on forms such as to make the surface unpleasant to the touch.

The natural color of the paint is black, due to the high concentration of graphite. The product is in compliance with RoHS directive and subsequent amendments, therefore it is allowed its use in the production of electrical and electronic equipment.
Use and application of the electroconductive paint
The electro conductive paint is widely employed in the painting of non-conductive surfaces. The use of the paint on walls allows to create conductive areas or shieldings, where required.

The product is available in two versions: a solvent-based or water-based. It is recommended to use the solvent-based for the painting of artifacts or industrial products; the other type of paint, on the other hand, is more recommended in case of painting walls. The conductive properties of this paint, however, are numerous and are used by professionals for further uses of which they don't want to reveal the details.

Although the degree of conductivity of these paints is difficult to be assessed, it may vary according to the following factors: thickness of the layer applied, three-dimensionality, method of application (spraygun, roller, brush). It is anyway possible to increase the conductivity through the application of several layers of paint.

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