An overview of the resins developed by Cromas
Thisresinis an amazing product that opens many new creative possibilities to finish a project. Crystal clear transparency and high durability are the key features that make this material so unique.

This product has an airy look when used as clear resin. But it can also be tinted to make endless combinations of coloured resin with inserted materials. Its unique properties and versatile character, make this epoxy resin suitable for use in furnishing and interior design.

The crystal clear and seamless look of the resin makes a smooth and glossy surface. The resin has a eye-catching look when objects or materials are inserted into the resin to create a visual connection like the objects are floating.

Cromas Paints growing experience in the sector of special effect paints has lead to the formulation of this new professional epoxy resin. It was specifically designed for professional users in the industries of interior design and furniture production where we have a lot of expertise.

The resins provide an high level of transparency. This allows a mix of light and shadows to create an visual impact on small and large surfaces. Our epoxy resins are suitable both for custom projects or mass production because the crystal clear finish can be accurately reproduced for the production line.

Surfaces that are finished with a combination of special effect paints and epoxy resin achieve surprising results because they offer an beautiful appearance and texture.

We invite you to contact Cromas Paints to find the best solution for your project. Our technical staff will put their experience at your disposal.

Low thickness epoxy resin for casting

Self-leveling crystal clear epoxy resin. Application of low thickness resin with glaze effect achieves an extra glossy look. Can be applied over wood or other materials.

Medium thickness epoxy resins for casting up to 3 cm.

Crystal clear epoxy resin for use with inserted objects. Suitable for the encasing of small objects with application thickness of 2 cm to 3 cm

Epoxy resin for high thickness casting and encasing

Epoxy resin for high thickness casting and encased objects. Crystal clear. Low heat curing reaction. Maximum resistance to UV rays and yellowing.

Metallic polished resin

Pure Metal metallic resin. Decorative epoxy effect applied with trowel, then polished. Real metal look and feel.

Transparent coloured epoxy resins

Transparent coloured epoxy resin for coloured glass effect,depth effect, peculiarity of coloured epoxy resins.

Epoxy resin for three-dimensional decorations

A special resin developed for designers and crafts people to make textured three-dimensional decorations on many horizontal or vertical surfaces

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