The fabric effect paint transforms every material in soft velvet.

Fabric effect paint

Cromas has developed an extraordinary fabric effect paint able to give surfaces a soft, deep, opaque, velvet-like aspect. The materials painted are apparently transformed and take on an aspect quite similar to the fabric both to the view and to the touch.

The quality of the fabric effect paint is such to be able to give a touch of personality even to the more anonymous objects, thanks to its elegant and refined aspect. The opacity and anti-reflective properties of the product come from the presence of special pigments enclosed in microspheres, that give the material painted a sophisticated multi-color appearance.
Appearance and application of the fabric effect paint
The fabric effect paint is available in different variations and colors. Professionals and craftsmen can choose both light and dark colors for the painting of their own artifacts, depending on the requirements and the material to be decorated. In order to know the colors available it is recommended to contact Cromas' technical staff, ready to answer any question of the customers.

The finish of the fabric effect paint is acrylic-polyurethane opaque-based, obtained by means of a rigorous and accurate formulation. The application is simple and its results are intended to last a long time. It is recommended the use of this paint to paint furniture, wooden panels, electronic instruments, lamps and any other subject that needs a smooth and delicate velvet effect.

Unlike many other products in Cromas' catalogue, the fabric effect paint is not suitable for outdoor use. However, it is available a new version of the paint, water-based, suitable specifically to paint interior walls.

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