The glitter effect paint gives to the painted surface a glittering aspect

Glitter effect paint

The glitter effect paint made by Cromas, gives a shiny and sparkling effect to every type of surface. The glitter effect is possible thanks to the presence of glittering fragments inside the paint. Such fragments are quite similar to the glitter of cosmetic products, but unlike these are more resistant. In fact, they are thin polymeric sheets that have undergone a process of vacuum metallization, and then coated with color in order to to enhance the appearance of the metal.

Thanks to its special formula, the glitter effect paint allows industries and artisans to decorate objects of different use and material: wooden furniture (and accessories), sports articles, such as bicycles, helmets and skateboard. The glitter effect paint, however, is suitable for many other applications and for this reason it is one of the most popular items.
Variety of glitter effect paint and tips for its application
The glitter effect paint is available in two versions: water-based or solvent-based. Please contact Cromas' staff for more information on the type of paint more suited to your purpose.

If observed with a microscope, it is possible to note that the glitter inside this product have a square or hexagonal shape. Because of their size, ranging from 100 to 200 microns (and therefore greater than normal pigments), it is recommended to apply on the layer of paint a shiny transparent: in this way, it is possible to highlight the sparkling effect and at the same time to get a perfectly smooth surface to the touch.

The application of the glitter effect paint is suitable on surfaces of different material and color. Those who want to obtain a surprising glittering effect may apply more paint coats in order to have a higher concentration of glitter.

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