The gold, silver, copper or steel effect paint transforms surfaces giving them a metallic appearance.

Gold, silver, copper and steel effect paint

Cromas produces a special gold, silver, copper or steel effect paint that gives every surface the metallic aspect desired. Professionals who work in the industry or craftsmanship sector can use this particular paint to give a metallic appearance to their products, apart from their material.

The glossy and glittering effect of the gold, silver, copper or steel paint is the result of a careful formulation designed to get the best typical metallic appearance. The product is suitable for mass-productions that require a long lifetime and a professional result.
Tips for the application of the paint
Cromas has several solutions of gold, silver, copper or steel effect paint for the different supports and resistances to the final product. Are also available cycles with or without a protective transparent, with different visual and resistance results.
It is recommended the use of this paint for furniture, objects of design and any other product whose aspect would benefit from the application of a metallic paint.

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