The holographic paint gives surfaces an extraordinary chameleon effect.

Holographic paint

The holographic paint is one of the most peculiar products made by Cromas. Thanks to its chameleon effect, this paint can give every painted surface the typical multicolor and iridescent effect. Think, for example, about all the shades of color that can be seen on the surface of a compact disc at the moment in which it is hit by a light source: the effect obtained is similar to that of a prism in the act of refracting light, that is a chromatic spectrum able to highlight all the seven colors of the rainbow.

The holographic paint is suitable for various uses, both indoor and outdoor. The product, however, is generally used for the decoration- industrial or handmade- of furniture, glasses, exhibition stands, objects for home, electronic devices, lighting objects and much more.
The holographic paint gives surfaces an extraordinary chameleon effect.
Tips for the use of the holographic paint
During the application cycle, you must pay attention to some details in order to highlight the rainbow effect of the holographic paint. In particular, the application of a glossy transparent is the best way to obtain an excellent result.

The color of the basecoat doesn't affect the finish of the holographic paint. It is possible to obtain a satisfactory iridescent effect both on light basecoats and on dark ones; what particularly influences the effect is the point from which the painted object is observed and the amount of direct light that lights it up.

Thanks to its rainbow effect, this product is also known as prismatic paint. The formula developed by Cromas' technicians, in fact, implies the use of microparticles capable of dividing light into the different wavelengths of the visible spectrum, thus giving rise to a paint able to show the typical colors of the rainbow.

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