Cromas Srl materic paints

The materic paints produced by Cromas allow professionals in the industrial or handmade sector to transform the appearance of any surface, without limits to the imagination. The quantity of products made by the company is in fact so wide to be able to satisfy every need.

Thanks to our materic paints is possible to change the appearance of the materials without compromising the integrity of products and artifacts. The painted surfaces have an aspect credible both to the eye and to the touch.

Anyone who is interested to give new life to materials by means of a simple paint can rely on our materic paints, by contacting the technical staff in order to request any information not listed on our website.

Here below there are some of the main materic paints at your disposal.
Rust effect paint

The rust effect paint gives surfaces a real rusty appearance. Suitable for industrial and handmade use on plastic, glass, wood and metal.

COR-TEN effect paint

The COR-TEN effect paint gives painted surfaces the aspect of COR-TEN steel, similar to rust, but anyway different. Industrial and handmade use.

Blackboard effect paint

The blackboard effect paint transforms every surface in a real blackboard, on which you can write with a chalk. Industrial and handmade use.

Antique bronze effect paint

The antique bronze effect paint allows each surface to take on an oxidized aspect, similar to aged bronze. Industrial and handmade use.

Verdigris effect paint

The verdigris effect paint gives a realistic oxidized verdigris aspect to surfaces in wood, metal and plastic. Industrial and handmade use.

Cement effect paint

The cement effect paint gives furniture and walls a realistic, three-dimensional cement-like aspect. Industrial and handmade use.

Fabric effect paint

The fabric effect paint gives each material a soft, opaque velvet-like aspect. Industrial and handmade use.

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