The oxidizer for COR-TEN steel allows the oxidation of surfaces preserving their integrity.

Oxidizer for COR-TEN steel

Cromas has developed a product thanks to which is possible to operate a simple and rapid cycle of oxidation of metals: the oxidizer for COR-TEN steel. The effect that in a few hours is possible to get with this oxidant - that can be applied on various metals including iron, copper, cast iron and brass - resembles in every detail the appearance of the COR-TEN steel exposed for one year to direct weather influence.

In spite of this fact, the oxidizer for COR-TEN steel is able to protect the integrity and the resistance of the component on which it is applied.
Cycle of oxidation for COR-TEN steel
Professionals working in the craft or industrial field can change the degree of homogeneity of the aspect by simply adjusting the application of the oxidizer:

- To obtain an homogeneous oxidation it is recommended a blended application of the product

- On vertical surfaces it is possible to simulate to perfection the corrosive effect of time simply by applying a generous amount of oxidizer, so that the drops can slide along the surface of the material resulting in the typical leached effect.

- In the same way, the abundant application of the oxidizer on horizontal surfaces allows to faithfully replicate the stains of COR-TEN steel of various sizes.

The cycle of oxidation proposed by Cromas consists in the application of an oxidizing solution, a primer able to fix the oxidation and finally a product by a matte finish with a basis of resins. This cycle is solvent-based: for the coating in places that meet the COV standards, after the application of the oxidizer it is necessary to apply protective waxes.

For information on the use of the oxidizer for COR-TEN steel please contact the technical staff of the company, able to provide answers to any worries or concerns.

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