The pearl effect paint gives a realistic pearl effect to the painted surfaces.

Pearl effect paint

The pearl effect paint produced by Cromas is the result of a long study by the laboratory technicians. This innovative product is able to transform the anonymous surfaces in materials that exactly look like the pearl. The distinctive feature of this paint is that gives a realistic three-dimensional appearance to wood, metal, plastic and glass surfaces: it is sufficient to apply a thick layer of few microns to give the impression of 1 cm in depth.

For this reason, the professional use of the pearl effect paint is particularly indicated for the decoration of flat surfaces, also of large dimensions, that make possible to obtain an optimal 3D effect.
Types of pearl effect paint and tips for its use
The pearl effect paint is only available in a solvent based version. The colors most frequently used are total white and total black. You can contact Cromas' stuff to obtain more information or to request the availability of additional colors, although the choice is limited due to technical reasons.

During the application, it is recommended to use a spraygun; the application of the pearl effect paint using a brush or roller, in fact, will make impossible to obtain a satisfactory three-dimensional effect.

For more information about the use of the pearl effect paint or available variants please contact Cromas' staff.

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