The reflective paint gives a bright and reflective appearance to surfaces.

Reflective paint

Professionals who work in the industrial or handmade sector have the chance to contact Cromas in order to give to their surfaces a high reflective power. The company produces an extraordinary reflective paint capable to give a realistic reflective effect to surfaces made of plastic, wood and metal.

The composition of the reflective paint incorporates special transparent microspheres that, when hit by light, give the final extraordinary reflective effect. This effect is similar to that of safety vests: highly reflective at night, pleasant to the eye during the day.
Use and characteristics of the reflective paint
The properties of the reflective paint are able to meet aesthetic as well as functional requirements. In fact it isn't used only for mere security applications: this paint is widely used also for the decoration of helmets, bicycles, furniture, lamps, etc.

Professionals who want to buy this product can choose among three colors: ice white metalized, aluminum and deep black metalized. For other colors in stock, please contact Cromas' technical staff.

The professional use of the reflective paint ensures an excellent rendering due to the formulation based on acrylic resins that prevent the yellowing. The product is available in two versions, a specific one for walls' painting and the other, water-based, mainly for handmade use.

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