The rust effect paint gives surfaces a real rusty appearance.

Rust effect paint

The rust effect paint is the perfect product for all professionals who want to give surfaces an extremely realistic rusty appearance. The formula developed by Cromas' technicians, in fact, doesn't omit any minimum detail, taking care of both the visual and tactile aspect of this paint.

When it is applied, the rust effect paint has the typical shades of the color of metal that oxidizes over time. The product contains iron miniaturized particles that have undergone a surface passivation process. This makes the iron oxidized directly on the painted surface, resulting in a classic rusty aspect. It is worth noting that the painted material doesn't undergo any alterations and it is not damaged by the chemical reaction that takes place on its surface.
The rust effect paint is suitable to paint products and surfaces indoor or outdoor. It is necessary to choose with care the more suitable protective transparent. The use of this paint is pretty varied, since it can be used in various contexts: painting of gates and doors, decoration of ladders and lofts, and much more.
Tips for the application of the rust effect paint
To obtain a surprising rust effect, it is recommended to pay particular attention to the method of application. This paint can be applied using a roller or brush; alternating the methods of application may be useful to make the effect more or less homogeneous, depending on your taste.

It is recommended to apply a reagent in such a manner that the drops slide along the surface of the painted object; in this way will be made smears that recall, in an exceptional way, the corrosive effect of rust (think about the weathering on ferrous materials over time).

Even if the rust effect paint was not designed to be applied on the bodywork of a car, professionals who want to use it for this purpose can stabilize it using a suitable blocking formulated by Cromas. It is the the best system to protect the paint from scratches and petrol.

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