The soft touch effect paint allows to obtain surfaces with a rubberized aspect.

Soft touch effect paint

The soft touch effect paint is the ideal product for those professionals who want to give to the surfaces of their products a smooth and rubberized appearance. The paint consistency is such as to require a thickness of only 30-40 microns to show its opacity and its anti-reflective properties.

The soft touch effect paint can give a touch of style to a surface otherwise anonymous. The paint, in fact, makes the object painted soft and clear so that it becomes pleasant both to the view and to the touch.
Characteristics of the soft touch effect paint
The soft touch effect paint is colorless, so the resulting color will depend on the color of the base or primer that it is chosen. For this reason, if applied on a wood or metal surface, it will show the characteristics of the underlying material.

The application of the soft touch effect paint does not require any specific knowledge and, anyway, leads to results of high strength and elasticity. It is strongly recommended for the use on helmets, electronic instruments, handles, wooden or MDF panels.

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