Cromas Srl special paints

Cromas Srl produces special paints for industrial and handmade use. Professionals who want to change the appearance of a surface have the chance to choose within a wide range of products. Cromas' special paints are made using pigments of quality, able to ensure a result that lasts over time.

We meet the needs of architects, designers, craftsmen and any professional who needs our products to give a new aspect to materials. We offer a great amount of special paints, here below there's a short presentation.
Phosphorescent paint

The phosphorescent paint contains special pigments that absorb light. In the dark colors come to life and give amazing results.

Thermosensitive paint

The thermosensitive paint gives a changing appearance to the materials painted. When the temperature increases, the paint reveals the underlying color.

Holographic paint

The holographic paint gives surfaces a multicolor and iridescent aspect. The rainbow effect shows the light refraction's ability of this paint.

Cracklé paint

The crackle paint gives surfaces an aspect that simulates the aged leather. Crackle paint with a realistic visual and tactile effect.

Wrinkle paint

The wrinkle paint gives an elegant wrinkled effect to painted surfaces. Use this product to decorate dashboards, tanks and metal components.

Hammered paint

The hammered paint gives surfaces a realistic metallic appearance, with a finish capable of giving a 3D effect. Product suitable for industry and commerce.

Magnetic paint

The magnetic paint gives to any surface the ability to attract magnets, just as if it was a magnet itself. Suitable for industry and commerce.

Fluorescent paint

The fluorescent paint gives a shining appearance to wooden, glass, metal and plastic surfaces. Fluorescent colors allow a professional shining effect.

Glitter effect paint

The glitter effect paint gives treated surfaces an extraordinary and shimmering glitter effect. Suitable use for industry and commerce.

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