The thermochromic paint changes color with temperature.

Thermochromic Paint

The thermochromic paint was made in order to give an iridescent appearance to surfaces. The color of the paint, in fact, changes only reaching a temperature of 26° - 29°C; with heat increase, the paint becomes transparent revealing the color of the underlying surface.

At the beginning the extraordinary chemical properties of the thermosensitive paint were mainly used to paint safety devices. Now its use also includes the decoration of home objects, design elements, switches, tables and much more. The iridescent effect of the thermochromic paint, also called thermosensitive paint, reaches its maximum level when applied on the surface of objects that easily tend to warm up ( for example cups, coffee machines, humidifiers, etc. ).
Thermochromic paint - tips for application and use
The thermochromic paint is characterized by a great ease of application. Since there are two versions of the product, it is necessary to think carefully about its use before going ahead with the purchase.

The solvent-based thermosensitive paint is ideal for professional use on large surfaces. Its matte appearance allows a high coverage and is characterized by rapid drying. It is possible to apply on the surface painted a layer of transparent.

If the working environment does not allow the application of a solvent-based paint, or if it is required to apply the product using an airbrush or brush, the best choice is to use the water-based thermochromic paint.

In both cases, the iridescent effect of this paint, that changes color with temperature, varies depending on the material painted. Depending on the specific weight, there are materials that take more time to warm up than others. In this case, it is more probable to get the effect of the thermosensitive paint by using manual touch. When a wood surface painted with this paint is touched, the sign of the contact will show the typical grain of the wood.
Available colors of the thermochromic paint
The tones of the thermosensitive paint currently available are red, blue and black. The colors become transparent at different temperatures. Red paint: 26° - 31°C; blue paint: 24° - 30°C; black paint: 26° - 29°C.

The color change is obviously reversible. Once the paint becomes transparent, it is necessary a lowering of the temperature before the painted surface regains its original color. For this reason, the use of a thermosensitive paint is highly recommended for application on objects that undergo great variations in temperature.

The use of the thermochromic paint is recommended indoors: even if protected by anti-UV transparent, outdoor the product has a lower life expectancy.

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