The verdigris effect paint gives surfaces an oxidized aspect quite similar to the verdigris color.

Verdigris effect paint

Cromas produces an extraordinary verdigris effect paint that can reproduce, in an amazing realistic manner, the verdigris shades typical of the oxidized metal subjected to the corrosive action of time. The industrial and handmade use of this paint allows professionals to decorate their own objects and products in wood, metal and plastic material.

The realistic appearance of the verdigris effect paint is the result of the presence, within the composition, of miniaturized iron and copper particles that have undergone a process of surface passivation; once applied the paint layer, these microparticles are oxidized on the surface giving the typical verdigris color.
Appearance and characteristics of the verdigris effect paintme
The aspect of this special paint is such that can be realistic both to the sight and touch. Due to its opacity and natural oxidation, the painted surfaces seem to be really covered by oxidized metallic copper. Despite this, the technology developed by Cromas is able to ensure the strength and integrity of the underlying material.

The paint is suitable both for indoor or outdoor use. Depending on the type of use it will necessary to choose the protective transparent more suitable and in general the painting cycle with the best performance.

The verdigris effect paint can be applied not only with an airbrush but also with a roller or a brush.

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