The wrinkle paint gives surfaces a crinckly appearance

Wrinkle paint

In the 80s the wrinkle paint was used to give a wrinkled effect to cars' dashboards, cameras, tanks for motorbikes and many other metal components. Currently this paint is in fashion again and is, above all, used for cars' and motorcycles' restoration, as well as for the decoration of home furniture, eyewear, objects for home and jewelry. Its non-slip properties make it ideal for the use in the nautical sector.

The wrinkled effect obtained using a wrinkle paint is particularly useful to mask the defects of surfaces; at the same time, its creased effect gives an elegant and refined aspect. The color mainly used is black, but you can also ask for other colors.
Use and application of the wrinkle paint
Before the application, it is necessary to make sure that the surface is free of any residue of previous paintings. For the painting of a metallic material, it could be necessary to sand it before. Some surfaces, on the other hand, may require the application of a primer.

It is recommended to apply the wrinkle paint by spraygun. Thanks to this tool, you can adjust the size of the wrinkles to suit your taste. For an effective application, the nozzle of the spraygun must have a diameter between 1.8 and 2.5 mm and must exert a pressure of 3-4 atmospheres. It is recommended to apply a layer of paint of 300 microns thick.

In order to make this solvent-based paint get the typical wrinkled effect, is necessary to dry the object painted at a temperature of 80 °C for 20 minutes. You can use either an oven or infrared lamps. In order to get the desired result, it cannot be underestimated the importance of a correct temperature. If the paint dries at room temperature, in fact, the surface would be smooth; at a high temperature, but less than 80 °C, you would get an intermediate result, and therefore not entirely satisfactory.
Give an elegant appearance to surfaces
Special paints, such as wrinkle paint, are able to completely change the appearance of a surface. For a vintage touch to cars, or simply to mask some scratches on the surface of a material, the use of a wrinkle paint is an intelligent and very efficient choice.

The various properties of the product make this paint particularly versatile; its pleasant texture and elegant aspect are the two main reasons why this formulation is able to meet the needs of a growing number of customers.

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