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The special paints made by Cromas are extraordinary products able to give the desidered appearance to glass, wood, plastic, or metal surfaces. All the paints are made following a specific formula that makes them perfect for the industrial or handmade use.

The wide range of Cromas' special paints includes only products that can fully satisfy both the senses of sight and touch. The decorative aspect of paints is certainly one of the company's strengths. Many paints have also special properties that vary depending on the type of painting chosen: there are paints that change color with the heat, or that change color with the light... and many more.

For any information about Cromas' special paints, do not hesitate to contact the technical staff.
Rust Effect Paint

The rust effect paint gives surfaces a real rusty appearance. Suitable for industrial and handmade use on plastic, glass, wood and metal.

Wrinke paint

The wrinkle paint gives an elegant wrinkled effect to painted surfaces. Use this product to decorate dashboards, tanks and metal components.

COR-TEN effect paint

The COR-TEN effect paint gives the COR-TEN steel aspect to the painted surfaces, similar to rust, but anyway different. Industrial and handmade use.

Chrome effect paint

The chrome effect paint gives surfaces a realistic chromium-silver effect. It is used to obtain the mirror effect. Industrial and handmade use.

Soft touch paint

The soft touch effect paint gives any surface a rubberized and anti-reflection aspect. Industrial and handmade use.

Thermochromic paint

The thermochromic paint gives an iridescent appearance to the materials painted. When the temperature increases, the paint shows the underlying color.

Phosphorescent paint

The phosphorescent paint contains special pigments that absorb light. In the dark colors come to life and give amazing results.

Brushed metal effect paint

The brushed metal effect paint transforms surfaces giving them a realistic scratched metal appearance. For industrial and handmade use.

Holographic paint

The holographic paint gives surfaces a multicolor and iridescent aspect. The rainbow effect shows the ability of light's refraction of this paint.

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